Sunday, August 30, 2015

Car Tools You Need to Have in Your Car

Nowadays, people’s life cannot be separated from automotive. Almost every person has a car to help them go to the office and other places. The types of cars also various from the classic to the most modern one. If you have a car, it is a must to have Car tools. Having car tools make a driver stay safe on the road and they don’t need to find repair shop to fix their car. Not all car tools should be put in your car but there are some important ones that you should keep inside your car. The main car tools include lifehammer, koblat multi-drive wrench, smittybilt recovery strap, schumacher speedcharge, and leatherman wave multi-tool.

Must Bring Car Tools You Should Have

The first tool among five Car tools is lifehammer. This small tool that is made in the Netherlands can save your lige when you’re having an accident. Lifehammer is designed to help the car owner escape from an overturned or damaged vehicle. You can avoid the damaged vehicle by cutting through jammed seatbelts and breaking your car windows. Lifehammer is designed to be easily mounted with double-sided tape or Velco and you also can find it easily in the darkness since it is equipped with a luminescent pin that can create light in the darkness.

The next tool you have to bring in your car among five Car tools is kobalt multi-drive wrench. This wrench has many capabilities that is especially designed to help you solve various problems with your car. Kobalt multi-drive wrench are designed to work with various sizes and styles of nuts as well as bolts. Having many capabilities, this wrench is only 10 inches long and weighs only a couple of pounds. Then, each end of the wrench has a four-sided rotating spline along with a fixed small socket spline on one end and a larger and interhcangeable spline head on the othe end.

Importance Car Tools to Bring in Your Car

Beside lifehammer and kobalt multi-drive wrench, you also need to bring smitty recovery strap as one of tools you should have. People never know when they will need a tow and by having smitty recovery strap that is 30 feet long and three inches wide you will be able to pull your car out of a difficult situation. The strap that can pull 30,000-pound capacity and has double-stitched webbing can also be used to pull the fallen debris out of your way or moving heavy loads around your home.

Then, you also need to bring schumacher speedcharge and leatherman wave multi-tool as the important Car tools in your car. When your car is run out of battery, you can charge it using schumacher speedcharger that can boost your car’s battery fast up to two times faster than the averge portable charger. The last, leatherman wave multi-tool is designed to strip and bend wires as well as cut plastic and open beer bottles. This tool is designed with two different types of pliers, knives, wire cutters, a saw, scissors, files and a multi-bit screwdriver. It is a great addition for your safey kit.